We provide both hardware and software repair service for computers and laptops. Lowest cost is our business principle, typically, most computer problem caused by components or parts damage. our experienced mechanic will locate and repair the damaged components, in order to save customer’s money, and also reduce electronic waste.

To fix a computer that won’t turn on due to mother board Fail. A new motherboard cost $ 60, plus labor for replacement, the price to fix the problem will be more than $90 at most repair shop. However, we only replace the damaged components on motherboard, So it will only cost $40 to fix the problem.

To fix a laptop that screen won’t turn on upon start up due to partially damaged LCD screen, average market price for a new LCD screen cost more than $100, but we will only replace the damaged components to fix the problem, cost $50.

Our Service

  • DC power jack, charging port repair
  • Forget password
  • Retrive data
  • Cannot turn on
  • Screen Repair
  • plugged in but not charging
  • System failure



例如一台式电脑不能开机,原因是主板出故障,新主板的价格是$60 元,加上维修费有可能在$90 元以上,想换新机但又想保存旧机里的资料也不是一般人能处理,而我们只需更换主板里面损坏的元器件,$40 元就可以修好。例如一台手提电脑显示屏不亮,原因是LCD 显示屏局部损坏,更换新LCD 显示屏市场价一般都超过$100,而我们只需更换其中局部损坏的元器件,$50 元就能修好


  • 忘记登陆密码
  • 恢复被删除的资料
  • 不能开机
  • 屏幕损坏
  • 手提电脑不能充电
  • 不能进入windows 系统