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Don't ignore your cracked screen, it can worth up to $180!

Apple started selling screens in 2022 and recycling broken screens. However, most suppliers have been recycling cracked screens for manufacturers. Since our opening in 2013, Bonjour has been giving customers a repair discount of relevant value if the customer's cracked screen is still fully functional, which is one of the reasons why we have become the cheapest repair shop for cellphone repairs in the SF Bay Area.

The recycling price of the A-Grade broken screen of the new model iphone 13PRO /PRO MAX, 14PRO/PRO MAX is as high as $180. Some repair shops deliberately conceal the value of the customer’s cracked screens in order to earn more profits. They will find many reasons to convince customers overlook the high value of the cracked screens. When you choose them to repair your phone, please keep your cracked screen and bring it to us. After evaluating and testing its functions, you can get relevant value cash rebates from the supplier.

*This rebate is only valid for Apple OEM screens

The values as follow:

Model                      A Grade       B Grade


14PRO/PRO MAX   $180              $80

14PLUS                    $100             $60

iphone 14                $50               $30

13PRO/PRO MAX   $180              $70

iphone 13                $40               $25

13Mini                     $40                $25

12Pro Max               $60               $40

12/12Pro                  $40               $15

12Mini                     $40               $15

11Pro Max               $30               $15

11Pro                       $20               $10

Xs Max                    $30                $15

X/XS                        $15                $10

Marble Phone Case

Get your screen fixed ASAP and save up to $180 on repair costs

A fully functioning cracked screen can be worth up to $180, but is worthless once the pixels are damaged or the touch function doesn't respond. Therefore, we advise customers that if the screen breaks, please protect it carefully and repair it as soon as possible.

Since no company in the world can develop screen replacements for iPhone 13 PRO, 13PRO Max, 14PRO, and 14PRO MAX, only Apple’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) screens can be used if it is damaged. While the market price of the Apple OEM screen is as high as $320-420, when the cracked screen is fully functional, it can save $180, 320-180=140, so the cost of repair parts is as low as $140.


--iPhone 14 Screen Repair $149+
--iPhone 14 Plus Screen Repair $149+
--iPhone 14 Pro Screen Repair $149+
--iPhone 14 Pro Max Screen Repair $149+
--iPhone 13 Screen Repair $99.99+
--iPhone 13 Pro Screen Repair $199+
--iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen Repair $199+
--iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Repair $99.99+
--iPhone 12/12Pro Screen Repair $79.99+
--iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Repair $89.99+
--iPhone 11 Pr
o Screen Repair $79.99+
--iPhone 11 Screen Repair $69.99+
--iPhone XS Max Screen Repair $79.99+
--iPhone XR Screen Repair $69.99+

--iPhone X/XS Screen Repair $69.99+



MON-SAT: 10:00AM-7:30PM


1652 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122, USA  

(Between 18th and 17th)


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