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Customers can freely choose from aftermarket screens and OEM screens.

Option 1: If you plan to repair the phone for a trade-in, we recommend that customers choose after-market screen repairs to save costs. So far, Apple stores and telecom operators accept all types of screens for trade-in, and it does not affect the value of the trade-in. Of course, it is best for customers to call for a final confirmation as they may change the trade-in terms.

Option two: If the customer wants to keep the phone for a long time after the repair, we suggest to choose the original screen (OEM original equipment manufacturer). OEM screen resolution is higher, the response is more accurate and faster, it saves power and is perfectly compatible with the operating system.

Since there is no company in the world that can develop screen replacements for iPhone 13 PRO, 13PRO Max, 14PRO, and 14PRO MAX. Once damaged, only Apple’s original (OEM) screens can be used.  Almost all suppliers currently recycle broken screens to manufacturers. The recycling price of A-level broken screens on the market is as high as $180. However, some repair shops hide the value of customers' broken screens in order to earn more profits. They charge extra when your cracked screen doesn't work at all because they want to resell your cracked screen for a profit. If the cracked screen is still functional with just minor cracks, you can save up to $180 on repair costs. Bring your phone in and we can evaluate it for free.




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